Aug 13


Mona is a ten month old mastin who will be a very big dog, but she is a gentle giant. Mona was found abandoned and was underweight with some bad sores and scratches on her.  She was quite nervous when found and does have a tendency to cower at times... read more →
Aug 13


Hannah is a six month old Podenco and is full of life, she doesn't walk she bounces!!  Hannah will be a medium-sized dog in height and very slim. Hannah was found alone in the campo when she was 3-4 months old and was badly malnourished.  However, she is one of... read more →
May 24


                                           Jeffrey is a very special needs dog, because he is completely blind! The vet estimates him to be around 18 months old of mixed breed - some Podenco with Pointer and... read more →
May 02

Eight months on

Eight months on and I’ve now been here for a year and a half – and still loving it. The kennel refurbishment is now complete and an additional two further pens have also been erected. One of our biggest selling points is that dogs who board with us only go... read more →
Jun 01

Our first 6 months

Who can believe that six months have gone by so quickly!! There have many ‘highs’ and quite a few ‘lows’ but I’m still smiling!! The highs include the fabulous weather, the wonderful new friends I’ve made and having so many of my family visit and help with getting things straight.... read more →
Jan 14


I have finally arrived!! My long-term dream was always to retire from work and open a kennels as I’ve always been passionate about dogs as all of my family, friends and colleagues know. I have always thought that the kennels would be in England, so it was as much a... read more →