May 24




Jeffrey is a very special needs dog, because he is completely blind! The vet estimates him to be around 18 months old of mixed breed – some Podenco with Pointer and possibly Ridgeback as well. He has also been seen by a Specialist Eye Vet who confirms that his eyes are perfectly formed so the blindness is due to trauma to the head – possibly hit by a car (or worse).

He was incredibly thin and scared when we found him but is now the most amazing dog. Within a week he knew his way around the kennels and knew which was his pen when I said ‘time for bed’! He doesn’t bump into things and just seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to fences and gates although he does sometimes trip over a ball or toy! He plays well with all of the other dogs and is sociable with people – he loves a cuddle and he loves his food! He manages so well using smell and hearing. Not that I’m one to doubt the expertise of the vets, but I’ve got a videos of him chasing butterflies!!!! The only time his blindness is a problem is if we try to walk him on a lead – this he just can’t do yet but research shows this is possible with an owner he trusts and who has the time and patience to help him with this.

He is a gorgeous boy who would make a fabulous pet for somebody who has the patience required to help him adjust to new surroundings.