About the Kennels

Throughout 2016 the kennels underwent a total refurbishment to ensure they offer the maximum in comfort and security for your pets. The kennels have been built using thermal blocks which help them to stay cool during the hot summer months and warm on the chilly winter evenings. The roof has been replaced with a new insulated material which will extend beyond the individual kennel gates to ensure that the kennels remain completely dry during the odd shower in winter months and in the shade throughout the long summer evenings. Each individual kennel has an ‘indoor’ sleeping area with independent heating and lighting, and an ‘outdoor’ play area. The kennels also have piped music playing throughout the day.

After extensive research and to ensure the maximum comfort for our guests, we have opted to use Maelson raised beds. As well as ensuring that pets are raised off of the ground and away from drafts, the padded rigid platform also ensures correct spinal support for your pets. We also have a variety of ‘heated’ and ‘cooled’ bedding that can be used in extreme weather conditions. However, we do recognise that some pets would be more comfortable using their own bedding/basket and we are very happy for you to provide this if preferred. We would ask that you do provide a towel, blanket or toy that your pet is familiar with in order to help them settle at night.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is for our dogs to be housed together whilst they are away from us, and we are easily able to accommodate this at Rosie’s Retreat. Each kennel is large enough to house several cats, seven of the kennels are large enough to accommodate two large dogs, whilst the remaining two kennels can house up to three large or four medium size dogs – of course, only pets from the same family would be housed together. The majority of canine guests only stay in their kennels at night and we aim (weather permitting) to keep them out of their individual kennels during the day. Whilst we are happy to allow dogs access to the full 10 acres of land and to play with our dogs, we do recognise that this may not be appropriate for some guests and we also have three fully-secure large ‘play areas’ for use during the day – each area has several almond trees providing shade, plenty of water for drinking (and paddling!), and a purpose-built water-proof shelter with beds and toys. With owner’s permission, we allow several dogs into these areas to play together but we have sufficient space to separate individual dogs or a family of dogs if preferred. Of course, our feline guests are unable to take advantage of this freedom but they still receive plenty of attention and stimulation – as well as a selection of playthings and ledges from which they can view the almond groves and daily ‘coming & goings’, they will be visited individually for cuddles and ‘play-time’ frequently throughout the day.

Our guests are fed on IAMS dry food, as are our own dogs – IAMS are recognised as pet nutrition leaders and we use a variety of their products. We are happy to feed your pets on IAMS dog or cat food and this is included in the price. However, if owners prefer their pets to eat something different – dietary, specific brands, ‘wet’ food etc., we would ask that this is supplied.

It is important that your pet is fully-vaccinated before their stay with us and we would ask for proof of this in order to maintain a healthy environment for all of our guests. We are able to perform ‘pet first-aid’ in the unlikely event of it being required and are able to administer prescribed medication. One of the designated play areas is situated adjacent to our house and has a large purpose-built kennel which can accommodate several dogs. If we feel that a dog, or family of dogs, would benefit from being closer to our house and away from the other dogs (i.e. illness, anxiousness), this can be arranged. There is an established veterinary surgery in Alhama de Granada (7 minutes away), so if any of our four legged friends are taken ill or need a check-up, professional veterinary care is close by. In the event of a serious illness, we are 40 minutes away from Granada Veterinary Hospital which is open 24 hours a day. If during your pets stay a visit to the vet is necessary, you will be invoiced accordingly (please see details on prices page)