May 24



Ruby is a six month old Cruzado.  She is a bundle of fun with big floppy ears and a very cute face.  She will grow to be a small to  medium-sized dog.

Ruby’s mum was very undernourished and as a consequence, Ruby had deformed front legs as one bone in each leg had stopped growing resulting in the other bone curving around.  This didn’t affect her movement at all but she could not walk long distances.  Two months ago, she had an operation to correct this which has been completely successful and her legs are now 90% straight. She will always have a slight curve to her front legs and may require a second operation as she grows.  However, she is now completely mobile and has the same stamina levels as any other dog of her age.

She is very friendly and plays with all of the other dogs (puppies and adults) without any problems.  She eats well, knows a few basic commands she is house-trained.  She can be a bit shy of strangers initially but once she knows you, she is very sociable, loves cuddles and gives lots of kisses.  She is a very happy little pup who is always wagging her tail!  If you wish to know more about this very sweet dog, or if you wish to donate money to assist ASAP with the cost of Ruby’s second operation please contact us.